Worth Knowing

Custom-made Orders


You have your own idea? Then get in touch with me. The more information I get from you, the faster I can make you an offer with delivery time. For this I need the date when you want your piece of jewellery. Depending on my order situation the production of a piece of jewellery or a wreath can take some time. Therefore, please contact me as early as possible. The more I know, the better I can imagine what you would like to have, for example:

What is the theme of your wedding?
What does your wedding dress look like (colour, style, material)?
Which colours would you like to wear?
 Do you have sample pictures or a drawing?
 Which materials do you want?

Based on this I will make you a suggestion.


You can't make up your mind?


I know that. There you get described sizes and material, see a nice photo, but just can't imagine if the headpiece will really fit your own hair color or the planned hairstyle at the end.
Maybe I can help you. I have some hairdresser heads with different hair colors, with which I could e.g. also indicate your hair style. So I can send you  some additional photos with the piece of jewellery of your choice or a small video via WhatsApp as far as the current order situation allows.

Please don't be angry if you can't get these photos immediately, but sometimes after a few days. Just contact me and I will check what I can do for you.




May I have slight changes to the products?



That always depends on your wish. I can always make slight changes if, for example, I have shades of colour at my disposal. Usually I also give further hints in the product description. We simply have to check, which changes you need. So just contact me in advance via email or the contact form :-)








Artifical Flowers


For my flower wreaths and combs I have found only selected dealers with wonderful artificial flowers. Many of these artificial flowers I rework afterwards with my own dyeing technique, so that they get as natural and individual an appearance as possible. This is also the reason why none of these colored flowers is completely like another and your wreath or comb will always be unique.

Furthermore, I always mix flowers made of mulberry paper into the wreaths. These flowers have a particularly beautiful colouring, are resistant and very durable.





I only use high-quality materials such as freshwater pearls, crystals and pearls from Swarovski® or Preciosa, Czech and Japanese glass beads and semi-precious stones. I also only use jewellery wire and not cheap handicraft wire. Some my flowers are made from Japanese silk, polymer clay and cold porcelain by my own.
You can always find an exact material list in the details of the product description.

May I get my order faster than announced?


Unfortunately I can't promise this, because the delivery time depends on my current order situation and the delivery times of my suppliers. Some of my dealers are located in America, Asia or the Ukraine and the postal routes are accordingly long.

Many of these dealers also manufacture their goods by hand and can therefore simply not satisfy mass demand. The advantage for you is to get an individual piece of jewellery.
Just contact me and I will try to find a solution for you.